Mateus Bergamin

3D Model of Tesla coil towers for Two-Timin' Towers Picocad Jam
3D model of a 2-store building made with picoCAD
3D model of canned kraken meat, made with picoCAD
3D Model of annoying autumn leaves
3D Model of the legitimate Holy Grail.
3D Model of a ship battle on top of a maelstrom
3D model of Rash, from Battletoads.
3D model of the tabletop game Pop-it Pirate
3D model of the Caterpillar, from Alice in Wonderland.
3D model of the Cobra MKIII, from Elite Dangerous.
3D model of a bonsai, for the picoCAD jam: Nature.
3D model of a space hitchhiker
3D model of a Tim Hortons store
3D model of the emoji pingsock

Supported by Mateus Bergamin